The First Draft Process




Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 1.16.29 PM

From Doris Blake’s Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman, February 3, 1929, Chicago Daily Tribune: An article I use during my paper. 



Although each step of writing in this process is rewarding and one step closer to the finished project, writing any research paper at this length and vigor is difficult and occasionally tear-inducing. The time management is always frustrating, but I was able to reserve a few days of relatively constant writing to make sure I was able to get my paper going. I am not completely finished with the first draft, but I am prepared to write more and finish. I am prepared to fix groundwork structuring of my paper while it continues to come together and fix the nitty-gritty grammar and wording. I am happy to have continued to write more and more of the paper even if it is taxing at times. 

Although I know the trick of switching the conclusion and introduction when the paper is finished, when I write a paper I put a lot of focus on the introduction. The introduction is always the most challenging part for me to complete because I have to generally go in order when writing and cannot skip around to different sections. I tend to edit the introduction as my papers go on and naturally flow, but the process of writing the introduction stumped me when we needed to complete the first chunk of our papers a couple weeks ago. Mostly because an “introduction” for a research article includes more categories than short papers for a class. Just receiving feedback on my draft so far from Ruby, I understand the comments she made of clarifying and restructuring parts of my introduction section.   

Overall, I am fully submerged in this work-in-progress and am looking forward to the finished product. 


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