Revising Process

Slow and steady wins the race. Although progress on my paper has been slower than I would have liked, I am not worried about finishing in time and still see adequate time with what I still would like to do. The peer review with Allison was a nice opportunity to see another paper and her personal writing style. It pinpointed areas where my own paper could be more specific, and she helped clarify spots in my paper where I knew I would like to split paragraphs and add more to separate ideas. Meeting with Ruby, she introduced me to another database (which will also be helpful in future classes and papers) and introduced me to another Catholic women’s group which I am still looking further into.

I am excited for Easter Break to grasp a full day or two to focus only on this paper and project. My struggle for this class has been finding the long periods of time to focus only on my paper without losing an extreme amount of sleep. Given a full few days, I will be able to make more progress on my paper’s editing and completion that I do not reach within the coming week. The toughest parts of finishing my paper will be reworking the introduction and finishing the conclusion to tailor to a final product.

Above is a video of me reading Allison’s paper to her. Enjoy me being unable to pronounce big words.


Photo on 4-4-19 at 4.07 PM

Here I think I am pressing record but it’s actually me realizing I am taking photos of myself. 



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