Final Reflection

It is bittersweet that the seminar is coming to a close. Giving my oral presentation on Saturday was rewarding to show my friends what I have been working on the past semester. Presenting in class earlier in the week was a nice practice run, as the crowd on Saturday was a lot more intimidating. Although I was a lot more nervous on Saturday, I am glad I did not mess everything up. It was also fun to see how other people’s presentations changed from our class runs and hear the crowd’s reactions beyond our own questions. Congrats to Kathleen for taking the grand prize (because I know you read my posts, but you still deserved it above everybody else).

The year was memorable and I learned so much about myself and the city’s Catholicism (and Catholicism in general). I am so happy and grateful to have been a part of this opportunity. I will continue to expand on my knowledge and the skills I learned throughout the year. Thank you so much to Dr. Shermer and Ruby, and all the other Ramonat Scholars for the experience of this year’s Ramonat Seminar.




A very cheesy screenshotted Snapchat from one of my friends who came to see my presentation. 



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