Revising Process

The revising process will never actually be done for a paper like this. I am still working through the last section of my essay and continue to edit the introduction as I go. The most frustrating part of the editing process is trying to work through an adequate organization of the paper to correspond with the ideas and vision I have in my head. My most trouble with writing and researching is articulating what I want to get across and choosing the proper wording and organization to effectively do so. Another challenge is finding a place to stop— even if I keep finding a new paper or article which would support my argument, I cannot just keep adding more and more in vain. I also work better in long periods of dedicated time, so I am looking forward to this Easter Break to dedicate continuous time to my paper and presentation. I am looking forward to putting together my presentation because it would allow me to visualize my organization and the importance of my paper. 

In all honesty, my mental health hit a huge roadblock this semester, and it has been challenging to continue working on this paper and finding a proper balance. The most satisfying part of this experience is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With a better draft completed, it has been satisfying to incorporate specific feedback from everybody to further fine-tune and attempt to effectively restructure my argument. I am excited to be done with the semester and feel accomplishment in what I have completed.

beach woman sunrise silhouette

Me approaching the end of this paper.                                          Photo by Pixabay on






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